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West High Yield’s objective is to bring into production one of the world's largest, greenest deposits of high-grade magnesium.  We have contained 10.6 million tonnes of magnesium (inside of our 7.5 sq/km out-crop discovery) based on our preliminary economic assessment, done by SRK Consulting engineers of Denver Colorado. West High Yield Resources owns 100% of 7,891 square contiguous hectares which will support open-pit mine and processing facilities.  We have the full infrastructure in place including roads, highways, nearby rail, electrical power, water, and natural gas.   We are 2 miles north of the U.S. Border with supporting industries and rail hub and seaport nearby.

We submitted the mine permit application on February 14, 2019, as well as the supporting Environmental Assessment and Environmental baseline report. We have conducted micro-plant process testing to evaluate alternative processing methods which have yielded positive that will significantly reduce the capital project costs and therefore improve on the project economics.

The Company is pleased to announce conclusions and recommendations of a Stage 1 Pre-Feasibility Study (“PFS”) report conducted by Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc. (“KPM”) of Kingston, Ontario providing an evaluation of Magnesium processing and recovery alternatives and metallurgical testing on the Company’s Magnesium bearing serpentine. The PFS Stage 1 testing focused on leaching and purification tests and development of basic process data required to complete engineering design and economic analysis. KPM's report stated, “overall, the work has clearly demonstrated that it is possible to produce a high purity (>99%) Magnesium chloride (“MgCl₂”) solution from Record Ridge material using a commercially proven Hydrochloric acid (“HCl”) based treatment process with a recovery rate of 94.85%. This solution would be suitable for the production of high value, high purity Magnesium Oxide (“MgO”) and flame retardant quality Magnesium hydroxide (“Mg(OH)2”) using a commercially proven pyrohydrolysis.” KPM recommended The company proceeds to Stage 2 of the PFS involving completion of the engineering design and costing.   

Our anticipated Magnesium Oxide production process would generate low CO2 emissions and be used to reduce CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy in transportation.

Anticipated future design changes incorporating lighter metals point to dramatic increases in demand for magnesium in the automotive industry, aerospace, rail, and other transportation industries. Other future growth in Magnesium Oxide applications includes magnesium batteries, magnesium wallboard, and cement.

Magnesium is a lightweight metal, 33% lighter than aluminum.  We anticipate significant worldwide growth in demand for magnesium as countries focus on reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon production. 

Magnesium Wall Board that is fireproof, smoke-proof, waterproof, mold and mildew proof, and termite-proof. It also reduces deforestation.

Magnesium Oxide other uses include:

Magnesium Cement starts at 9000 psi – 45,000 psi making it last thousands of years, it absorbs CO2 emissions as it sets and cures. Environmentally friendly non-toxic cement. It requires 20-40% energy compared to traditional Portland / Inland Cement.

Magnesium nitrate fertilizer to replenish magnesium minerals and nutrients to our agriculture industry. A highly water-soluble magnesium nitrate can be applied as foliar feeding or through irrigation systems. Ideally suited for the use in the prevention and the correction of magnesium deficiency in agriculture vegetables and plants.

Magnesium Batteries / secondary cell batteries are an active research topic, specifically as an alternative, Magnesium Batteries (2-ions)... To replace lithium-ion batteries(1-ion). Magnesium-ion battery has long been attractive not only because it’s less likely to overheat, but also has up to twelve times the energy density of a lithium-ion battery and its charge-discharge efficiency is five times greater. (Very Green)

Consumer good industry: electronics, sporting industry, and tool industry.

West High Yield will be part of the economic heartbeat of British Columbia creating hundreds of jobs in the interior Kootenays.

History is calling for a change in North America,… It’s the “Green Environmental Movement” and We are at the forefront in helping to save "Our World" by reducing CO2 emissions in all industries by Using this Magical Product 'Magnesium Oxide', Mother Nature’s Friendliest Resource. If We Had To use one resource on earth, Environmentalists would be Proud to Use Magnesium / Silica to help Protect the World from climate change.  “Be part of this Great  Legacy! Pursuing the New Global Standard of the World".Creating Greener Environments and Shareholder Wealth through Eco-Friendly Stewardship, Scientific Reason and Business Acumen.


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